Instagram Catalogue

Drupal module that organizes Instagram posts based on hashtags. Created Dec 2019.
Open source code at


Instagram is a great platform for artists to share their work. However, it can difficult for a connoisseur to search through posts because they are displayed in chronological order.


Instagram will only let you browse posts in chronological order. We need a way to sort and search through works with similar characteristics.


Because each Instagram post can come with a caption that includes #hashtags, let's use these to tags to give metadata about a work of art.


My friend Kitty is a tattoo artist who shares her beautiful work on Instagram. Here is a screenshot of how her work is displayed. As you can see, there are black and white (BlackWork) tattoos, coloured tattoos, digital paintings, and watercolour paintings.


I created this gallery on Kitty's website that pulls recent posts from Instagram API and organizes them based on hashtags within the caption.

As you can see here, all posts tagged with #blackwork are shown when that keyword is selected.